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I Got My C-Card in Paradise

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Sept. 7, 2012
A young woman travels to Balicasag, Island, Bohol, Philippines, and enrolls in a diver certification course. She studies diving physiology, technical aspects of scuba equipment, and does her training and certification dives on the beautiful coral reefs surrounding Balicasag Island. There she encounters many unusual creatures, including a school of Jacks, Cornetfish, Moorish Idol, Scribbled Filefish, Scribbled Puffer, Western Clownfish, Tomato Clownfish, Eastern Skunk Clownfish, Nudibranch, Mantis Shrimp, Burgundy Shrimp Goby, Bulldozer Shrimp, Spotted Garden Eel, Turtles, and a Leaf Scorpionfish. She witnesses symbiotic behavior between a burgundy shrimp goby and a bulldozer shrimp as well as between anemonefish and sea anemones. She also watches a puffer fish get cleaned by a janitor fish who enters the puffer fish's mouth 3 times! She passes her written exam and perfects her buoyancy control. At the end of the film, she is awarded her dive certification and celebrates by jumping into the sunset. Narration and music.
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natural light
Photographs reviewed in Aperture. Movie made with IMovie.