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Top 100 entries

Check out the top 100 images from the Underwater Festival 2012. These can be seen as "nominations" for the top photo prizes which will be announced SOON!.

We hope you can share this amazing gallery with as many people as you can.

Mantis Shrimp with eggs
Mantis Shrimp with eggs by Marjon Phur
Gridlock by Brian Heagney
Deep Thought
Deep Thought by George Borovskis
Crab Eyes
Crab Eyes by Jan Anthony Acosta
Stay away from my babies!
Stay away from my babies! by Jan Anthony Acosta
Flabelina by Jan Anthony Acosta
Ghost Net Victim
Ghost Net Victim by Jan Anthony Acosta
Octopus with Eggs in a Bottle
Octopus with Eggs in a Bottle by Jan Anthony Acosta
Emperor's New Ride
Emperor's New Ride by Julie Ann Terrado-Acosta
Green Eyes
Green Eyes by Julie Ann Terrado-Acosta
Elusive Harlequin
Elusive Harlequin by Julie Ann Terrado-Acosta
Warning: Choke Hazard!
Warning: Choke Hazard! by Richard Smith
Seen a ghost
Seen a ghost by Richard Smith
Raising Nemo
Raising Nemo by Richard Smith
On Guard
On Guard by Matthew Tworkowski
Shaggy Aegires
Shaggy Aegires by Matthew Tworkowski
Snooted Hairy Shrimp With Eggs
Snooted Hairy Shrimp With Eggs by Matthew Tworkowski
Dasycaris zanzibarica
Dasycaris zanzibarica by Matthew Tworkowski
Soft Coral Crab With Eggs
Soft Coral Crab With Eggs by Matthew Tworkowski
Steve's Leafy
Steve's Leafy by Lani Timbrell
Cold rush
Cold rush by Liz Rogers
Into the dark
Into the dark by Liz Rogers
Seahorse in Soft Coral
Seahorse in Soft Coral by Tom Davis
Heron Pools
Heron Pools by Tom Davis
Cowrie laying eggs
Cowrie laying eggs by Tom Davis
Juvenile Ornate Ghost Pipefish
Juvenile Ornate Ghost Pipefish by Kim Ainsworth
Cave Freediving
Cave Freediving by Jorgen Rasmussen
Soft Coral Cave
Soft Coral Cave by Matt Curnock
Life Under the Jetty
Life Under the Jetty by Jonathan Foo
Baby Sitter
Baby Sitter by tet Lara
Wooohooo by tet Lara
Fish Factory
Fish Factory by tet Lara
Mother and Child
Mother and Child by tet Lara
Catfish Firework
Catfish Firework by Bert de Wit
The jockey
The jockey by Daniel Lloyd
Pygmy squid eating
Pygmy squid eating by Byron Fowles
Mating bobtail squid
Mating bobtail squid by Byron Fowles
Banded Buddies
Banded Buddies by Barb Makohin
Best Enemies
Best Enemies by Barb Makohin
I'm a Fan of my Fan
I'm a Fan of my Fan by Barb Makohin
My Best Side
My Best Side by Barb Makohin
"The Next Generation"
"The Next Generation" by Paul Rudder
"Spying Spindle Cowrie"
"Spying Spindle Cowrie" by Paul Rudder
"A Sharky Grin"
"A Sharky Grin" by Paul Rudder
Territorial Dispute
Territorial Dispute by Qingran Meng
Care by Qingran Meng
Host and Visitor
Host and Visitor by Qingran Meng
A Passionate Nudi Couple
A Passionate Nudi Couple by Qingran Meng
Machafushi Wreck
Machafushi Wreck by Qingran Meng
A Flaming Nudi
A Flaming Nudi by Qingran Meng
Stunning Harlequin
Stunning Harlequin by Qingran Meng
Stage Fright
Stage Fright by Tony Cherbas
Squid at Night
Squid at Night by Tony Cherbas
Bee of the Sea
Bee of the Sea by Tony Cherbas
Dark Waters
Dark Waters by Dieter Kudler
Diving Dark Waters
Diving Dark Waters by Dieter Kudler
Glossodoris Rubroannulata
Glossodoris Rubroannulata by paul sutton
camouflage by paul sutton
Hairy Octopus
Hairy Octopus by Jerry Arriaga
Skeleton Shrimp Giving Birth
Skeleton Shrimp Giving Birth by Jerry Arriaga
Confetti Fish
Confetti Fish by Jerry Arriaga
Soft Coral Cowrie
Soft Coral Cowrie by Jerry Arriaga
Rhinophore Cuddle
Rhinophore Cuddle by Jerry Arriaga
We're not all Red
We're not all Red by Brad Pryde
Sex at the Jetty
Sex at the Jetty by Matthew byrne
Happy Bobtails
Happy Bobtails by Johnny Gaskell
Me 'n' Weedy
Me 'n' Weedy by Johnny Gaskell
I See You
I See You by Johnny Gaskell
Polycera hedgpethi
Polycera hedgpethi by Ashley Missen
Open Wide
Fang by Emma Turner
Snorkelling the Little Mulgrave River
Snorkelling the Little Mulgrave River by Bob Halstead
Snorkeller reflects in the Little Mulgrave River
Snorkeller reflects in the Little Mulgrave River by Bob Halstead
Blue dragon
Blue dragon by Maximilian Plank
Lunchtime by Maximilian Plank
Grey Nurse
Grey Nurse by Mark Gray
Connection by Richard Wylie
Tiger Shrimp
Tiger Shrimp by Samuel Van Eldik
Community by Ryan Pearson
Hi mum
Hi mum by Renata Bruynzeel
Parenting Crab on Night Dive
Parenting Crab on Night Dive by Lani Timbrell
Wobbegong Portrait
Wobbegong Portrait by Lani Timbrell
Grey Nurse Shark
Grey Nurse Shark by Lani Timbrell
Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas)
Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) by Steffen Binke
Green Sea Turtle Chelonia mydas
Green Sea Turtle Chelonia mydas by Steffen Binke
"PUNKED!!!" by Paul Rudder
Wave in the rapids
Wave in the rapids by Bob Halstead
Jungle Perch
Jungle Perch by Bob Halstead
Taka on the GBR
Taka on the GBR by Bob Halstead
The Kiss
The Kiss by Dieter Kudler
Rudi nudis
Rudi nudis by Maryann Evetts
Life by Vanessa Mignon
Playful BamBam
Playful BamBam by Vanessa Mignon
Painted Thecacera
Painted Thecacera by Hilary Van Eldik
Schooling Batfish
Schooling Batfish by Hilary Van Eldik
Shadow Dancer
Shadow Dancer by Brian Heagney
I like red
I like red by Maximilian Plank
The Ballet of the Giants
The Ballet of the Giants by Jorgen Rasmussen
The Ballet of the Giants 2
The Ballet of the Giants 2 by Jorgen Rasmussen
Affectionate Mother
Affectionate Mother by Jorgen Rasmussen